Choose*2 in Berlin

“Choose your learning, choose your life” is an on-going two year Grundtvig learning partnership organised by Citizens of Europe in collaboration with Rökstólar samvinnumiðstöð, ehf. (Iceland), Associazione Work in Progress (Italy) and Associazione Pame Ambro (Italy). As well as meeting regularly in local groups to discuss topics related to the pedagogical concepts of L2L and SDL and ongoing mentorship, the participants of this project have taken part in international mobilities hosted by the different organisations involved.

One of these meetings was hosted by Citizens of Europe in Berlin from the 10th to 14th July, 2013. Coming from Germany, Italy and Iceland the participants discussed different tools and methods for facilitating self directed learning in their practice.

How better to find out how it went than through the eyes of a participant:

The meeting in Berlin met my expectations in the sense that everyone that was present there was motivated and interested in the issue. I have worked with similar methodologies (since 2001) to L2L (Learn to Learn) and SDL (Self-directed Learning) through my teaching in an education program based on a Folk High School approach. I find it very beneficial for learners because in my view it results in learners taking more responsibility for their learning and motivates them to think about the ways that suit them personally in the learning process and therefore offers them self-knowledge and self empowerment which both should result in more self respect for each individual learner. Hence it has had a very positive influence in my life as a learner and as a human being.

All participants in this mobility were motivated and discussions were often both thought provoking and intimate. I think however that even more discussions would have been beneficial for the group since most of the individuals, from each nation, had not met before. I wish that the project could be extended over a longer period of time in order for the participants to dig deeper into the adventures that I believe can be experienced through SDL and L2L.The web-platform, a product of the project, can however offer such explorations/journeys.

During this mobility tools and methods were explored – all good, in particular though, the learning interview, which is a tool that can be very useful in an informal learning environment. From discussions with other participants, I have to conclude that the outcome is that it seems apparent that there is a real need for methods such as L2L and SDL within today’s school system. A revolution is needed in order to motivate students and teachers and strengthen the concept of being a learner.

Reflections from Þorbjörg Ásgeirsdóttir (52-year old museum coordinator/instructor from Iceland) who participated in the international meeting in Berlin from 10th to 14th July, 2013 as part of the “Choose your learning, choose your life” Grundtvig learning partnership