Film and debate: What to learn from Germany’s 68/69 revolution?

Citizens of Europe invites as part of the project “#GetupStandup” everyone interested to an evening with film screening and debate.

Friday, March 29th
7 pm Kiefholzstraße 2
12435 Berlin

Student protests, extra-parliamentary opposition, terror …. what can we learn from the events that started with the student protests in the late 1960s? After the screening of a suitable documentary we want to discuss together how we can today articulate protest outside the parties and parliaments, shape our political commitment and bring about change. Where do differences and similarities exist?

The film explores with current interviews and historical material the career of three protagonists from 1968 until today. How do their values and attitudes differ today and then?

Discussion in English, film in German version with English subtitles. After the event we invite you to a small reception.

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