My Europe 2012 goes on stage

The starting point of My Europe 2012 on the 25th of November sounded loud and strong at Cinema Arsenal, located at Postdamer Platz. The showing room with more than 70 places was completely full and the audience enjoyed watching the eight films in the program« Politics and Policies, which is offered in this sixth edition of the short film festival.

Furthermore the evening brought more surprises beyond the screening. Marcus Schwenzel, the director of « Seven Years of Winter », revealed interesting details about his work. He explained that in Ukraine some kids are sent to the radioactive area of Chernobyl in order to loot goods. Taking this case as a premise, Marcus emphasized that a similar situation is currently happening on the nuclear power plant of Fukushima in Japan. „After the accident in 2011, everything that was not nailed down was plundered“, the director pointed out.

Moreover Marcus brought to light some fascinating points about the making of the film in Ukraine. For instance, the child and the dog acting in the film where never present in the area. Instead, a dwarf lady played the role of the child. Likewise, he explained that the film was funded by a German company dedicated to the production of solar energy.

Fabrizio Tentoni, the young Italian composer in “Two Men and a Table” also went on stage to explain us the influence of the oriental music in this film directed by Ester Amrami.

After the screening of My Europe 2012 and the discussion with Marcus Schwenzel abd Fabrizio Tentoni, the evening went on with the striking film “I am gay and muslim”, included also in the program of “One World Festival”. If you missed the premiere make a note in your calendar because the festival continues with many other events. My Europe Short Film Festival will cross different European cities such as Budapest (Hungary), Milan (Italy), Ogre (Latvia) or Göttingen (Germany) from now on until February 2013.

Finally, we want to send a big thank you to all the people that contributed in making the opening of the sixth edition of My Europe Short Film Festival possible, from the team of „One World Festival“, to the artists and the audience. We truly appreciate your interest and hope to see you again in next year!