OpenFora in Retrospective

“What do you like about the OpenFora concept and what would you change if you were to participate in the project next year?” “What topics of your interest could be creatively explored with the help of the OpenFora methodology?” These are some of the questions dwelt upon during the OpenFora evaluation meeting in Berlin-Kaulsdorf last weekend. After Citizens of Europe has successfully accomplished the cycle of OpenFora 2007-08 in April 22 people from 12 different countries met to assess project implementation and results and to propose future lines of action. OpenFora participants, Citizens of Europe staff and distinguished external guests with experience in project management exchanged their opinions on the given topics. They also presented their own activities and discussed options for future cooperation. To have so many different minds thinking and working together for a common aim was a very enlightening experience, as was for participants of the regular three OpenFora weekend debates. What are the results? Together, we came up with ideas on how to optimize organisational procedures. The concept of OpenFora proved to be attractive and innovative, as it successfully fills a lack of conceptual thinking among civil society activists and prompts its transmission into practical action. We need to keep it flexible in order to adapt to the different topics, partners and places it takes place in. We are grateful to all workshop participants for sharing their inputs and time with us and hope to repeat such a rewarding event as soon as possible.