Seminar “The abduction of Europe and how to bring her back”

Citizens of Europe warmly invite you to apply and participate in the seminar: The abduction of Europe and how to bring her back, which will take place in Athens, Greece 29th of November until 6th of December and is organized and hosted by our partner Youth of Kessariani.

Greece has been hardly hit by the on-going economic crisis, with intense and multilevel consequences on the daily life of its people. However, more than the economic dimension, as often said, there is an identity crisis, which include social, moral and political questions. These issues have expanded beyond the Greek borders:  Unemployment, poverty, social exclusion, violence, extremism and euro scepticism are common concerns of today’s Europe. These kinds of ideas might threaten to demolish the Welfare State, Democracy and finally the whole European project.

With this seminar we aim to combat the side effects of the crisis that Europe goes through and contribute to the creation of a more democratic and social Europe, which promotes the development and prosperity of her people. The project also aims to reflect on the challenges posed for Europe and build a constructive dialogue on its future, to develop respect and solidarity among the Europeans, and to promote active citizenship and participation. We also intend to create a platform for cooperation and exchange of experiences, good practices and ideas among the participants and beyond.

There will be 29 participants in total from the following countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain, and United Kingdom.
The seminar is meant for youth workers and youth leaders who:

– Age 18 and above

– Have their current residence in Germany (not necessarily German citizenship)

– Are able to use English as working language

– Have a true and real interest in the topic and are ready to contribute

– Are committed to attend for the full duration of the course

– 30% of your travel costs
– 20 Euros participation fee will be deducted from the travel cost reimbursement

Below you will find the call and application form available for download. Please send your application The deadline is 13th of November 2013.

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