The Need for Independence: Documentary Evening

Citizens warmly invites you to join us for a video and discussion evening on Wednesday 13th August, when we shall restart our documentary evenings.

We’ll begin with the issue of independence. We’ll be watching a documentary discussing the independence movements in Scotland, Catalonia, and Quebec. Scotland will be holding a referendum on independence later this year, the result of which the UK government will apparently accept. Quebec technically has this option too. Catalonia is planning a referendum but has no endorsement from the Spanish government to do so.

Why do people want independence? What constitutes legitimate grounds for independence? How do these diplomatic movements relate to the separatist movement in the Ukraine? Scotland and Catalonia would both seek EU membership: how meaningful is independence on a national level if international unity is retained?

It is also a great opportunity to find out more about our organisation and the work we are doing: we shall provide information on how to become a member and the projects we are developing.

Citizens of Europe office

20.30 on 13/08/14