Think, Create, Offer, by Julia Svede

I believe that creativity is the most powerful force that human beings possess. Let’s look around: the world evolves because of innovation, and innovation is an outcome of creative thinking.

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From what I have experienced during my studies, most educational institutions put emphasis on knowledge and skill development in their programmes. Also, there is usually a number of standards which you have to meet while being at school/college. I find that conventional educational methods very often destroy the talent and aspirations for self-expression.

Developing creativity in all possible ways should become an essential part of formal education starting from early age. It should be a part of staff trainings in companies and institutions. People should have opportunities to learn about the importance and methods of creativity development not only from non-formal educational trainings. Otherwise, non-formal workshops should become an essential part of formal education. Each person should be given at least a chance and the tools to be creative.

I find that the problem with formal education is that it is more about telling than listening, about being the best and “right”, instead of being unique and innovative. It’s about rules, not exceptions.

In contrast, non-formal education is much more flexible, open, supportive and consequently is inclined to foster team creation. All of these are important factors for a more relaxed atmosphere which results in free thought and idea exchange.

We gain lots of knowledge during education, but where is the subject that teaches us how to be creative? Creativity does not mean just painting or singing or writing poems etc. Each person is unique and it is crucial to discover your strongest sides in order to realize your potential.

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Creativity means freedom of thought. Students should have the right to be wrong. They should be listened to, no matter what ideas they express. Studying should become a mutual and equal process – not only students learning, but also teachers learning from students. Encouragement of open self-expression would lead to more fruitful outcome of education. More talented and active students mean more active youth, and a more creative community. Thus, it also means technically, socially and economically developed society. A society, which is not afraid of change and is eager to stimulate it.

Electricity, Internet, Windows, Iphones, various technical gadgets etc.  make our life more productive and easier. They all are the result of not only of scientific, but also creative thought. Creativity contributes to society’s faster development. A more creative society means that more people would be capable of organising new workplaces, feeling more confident and unique in the abor market. Think, create, offer should stand instead of listen, accept, repeat in education.

The development process is in fact an educational process, or rather it should unfailingly be viewed as such. We cannot therefore conceive of development in the absence of education any more than education in the absence of development

Faundez 1988 quoted by McGivney & Murray 1991: 10

Julija Svede, Latvia

Participant in ACTIVacting Employability through Creativity (19-27 August 2012, Heiligensee, Berlin, Germany)

Intern in Communications, Cultural Heritage Sector