“We expect to have a good year!”

Mareike, Timm and Kay departed in early September to Belarusian capital Minsk. They are about to start their European voluntary service, supported through the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission. The three will work in a day centre for disabled children.Why to go abroad for a year to work in social, cultural or civic affairs? The boys have to go for military or civil service anyway, but they were looking for an occupation which has some sense and gives them satisfaction. Mareike has already been a voluntary sports trainer for youngsters in her home region and looks forward to apply her experiences in a new and challenging environment. To learn more about the project see the description) “And what are your parents and friends saying about your will to go relatively far East for a full year?”, I asked them. Well, the three are a bit untypical in so far as they have already been a few times with parents or on their own in Belarus and Russia, so it was rather easy to convince those a bit sceptical about the idea. In the end, Mareike, Timm and Kay expect to have a good year in Minsk. Have a look at the photo gallery to see them departing. You want more info about EVS at and with Citizens of Europe? Click here.