Youth Goals: #10 Sustainable Green Europe

This is the eleventh article out of 12 about the European Youth Goals, written by Citizens of Europe editorial staff.

What are the Youth Goals?

The Youth Goals are 11 purposes that young Europeans consider as political priorities in nowaday European Union.

These goals were developed during a meeting cycle between young Europeans and decision makers: the “EU Youth Dialogue – Youth in Europe: What’s next?” , that took place between 2017/2018.

After those meetings the Council of European Union decides to give more space to the issues that affect young people in its political agendaby creating new and different paths for supporting them to improve their skills.

The EU Youth Dialogue – Youth in Europe: What’s next? is a dialogue mechanism and it was an essential part of the EU Youth Strategy 2019- 2027. The main purpose of this strategy is to create a more democratic and equal society thought by and for young people.

Sustainable Green Europe

One of the main purpose of nowaday European Union is to achieve a society in which all young people are environmentally active, educated and able to make a difference in their everyday lives.

It’s important not just to promote policies that can make a difference, but also educate new generation to approciate to the consume in a diffent way, because nowaday our environment can’t handle all the pollution we produce.

That is why everyone including young people has to start taking responsibility for their actions, and impact on the life of future generations. Becoming sustainable is not a choice, it is an obligation.

For instance, it’s important young people understand what kind of impact have their actions on the climate change, and it’s important they act as agents of change for environmental and sustainable development.


  • Take into account the environmental impact of every policy and life decision while ensuring that young people are included in sustainable development policy-making on all levels.

  • Increase international cooperation to eliminate environmentally harmful production and consumption.

  • Support and reinforce opportunities for young people to volunteer in the environmental sector.

  • Ensure everyone especially young people has access to eco-friendly infrastructure for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Expand research and innovation into eco-friendly solutions and technologies.