A place for people and endless ideas

Are you working on a project and you want to present it to other interested people that could somehow help you in its further development? There is a place in Berlin where a face to face informal chat is valued more fruitful and pleasant than the content of an on-line platform. Or at least the latter is used as a display window.

On the 16th of June an heterogeneous group gathered for the second of the knowledge exchange meetings at the Open Design City. The objective is to develop a kind of „peer“ consulting space, where different backgrounds, fields of interest and working experiences are seen as a richness: people can share ideas, projects and create possible cooperation-connections that overcome private interests. The structure of the event, scheduled every fortnight, is still open but the idea is to present each time one single project, facilitating in this way a better brainstorming process.

Pedro, among the founders of the initiative and of the platform We Creative People, moderated the session, giving the floor to the first project on the list: “Shaping CITYzenship“. Francesca defined it as an on-going research, as an open “box” that waits to be filled by whoever feels to contribute with his/her own language or is somehow involved in this re-shaping process of Berlin. An active and intense discussion led to several proposals, suggestions and further ideas. Next steps? From one side to give more visibility to the project itself both through internet and guerrilla marketing techniques; and from the other one to test a new approach. Entering alte Kneipen, looking for artists from the Cold War time still based here, taking a walk on a cemetery and finding true Berliners in order to collect their precious stories of engaged citizens. The next meeting at the Open Design City is scheduled at the end of the month, (Wednsday, 30th of June).

You and your ideas are more than welcome! Take a look at the photo gallery.