Art Interventions

Art Interventions is an interdisciplinary programme that brings together local, national and European artists and scholars alike at disadvantaged communities. Participants attend interdisciplinary colloquia in order to identify socio-economic-political processes which are taboo in the communities. Through community participation they are invited to find innovative ways to deal with them. Each colloquium includes:

  • Research by students and scholars in social and political studies
  • A weeklong seminar – dealing with the history of the area and its current situation, the phenomenon in question, activism and engaged art
  • Tour of the area and its surroundings
  • Two-week artists’ workshop where local, national and international artist work in public space, collaborate with the local population, and create site-specific work related to the theme.
  • Three-week exhibition in the location of the workshop.
  • Catalogue and a two-day concluding seminar, hosted in one of the country’s major towns.