Beyodn the Crisis II: Call for applicants – Seminar in May 27 until June 2, Berlin

Citizens of Europe e.V. in co-operation with Rota Jovem (Portugal), Magyar ENSZ Modell Dikegyesület (Hungary), and Fair Trade Hellas (Greece) cordially invite you with a residence in Portugal, Hungary, Greece or Germany to take part in the Seminar “Beyond the Crisis II: Media, mobility and youth employability in the wake of the European financial crisis”. The seminar will take place in Berlin from May 27th until June 2nd, 2013.

In September 2012, Citizens of Europe held the successful starting seminar “Beyond the Crisis – Hopes and dreams of a lost generation?!” in Berlin, as an attempt to gather individuals for discussions on the EU financial crisis impact on youth in a wide perspective. Citizens of Europe now invites to a more intimate and personal discussion.

How are the traces of the crisis changing the future of European youth, how is it directly affecting you? In media, the crisis can seem to be all about numbers, financial struggles for banks and political negotiations far away from the people insight. This seminar is an attempt to talk and share our personal experiences about a changing Europe and what we think it will bring for the future. Young Europeans make the decision to move from their home-countries in order to find qualified jobs that matches their studies and ways to “make ends meet” abroad. Higher education is today not a guarantee for finding a work-placement, even with a Master’s degree in hand, people are forced to take jobs in sectors where they are often over-qualified. Is mobility within the EU boarders actually for everyone and what does it bring to young people? During this seminar we invite you to discuss how the crisis is changing Europe, it’s young people and what young people expect for the future.

For further information, have a look in the call below. Send in your application latest on April 20th. We are looking forward your participation!

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Call for applicants – “BTC2”

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Application form – “BTC2”