Call for participants: Faciliate! Strategies, methods and tools for successful activities – 16 to 24 of March 2024 Berlin (Germany)

“Facilitate! Strategies, methods and tools for successful activities” TC will be held in Berlin (Germany) from the 16th to 24th of March 2024 (including travel days), for 24 participants from 6 partners for improving the professional competences of facilitators and organisations on developing facilitation skills, methods and tools. The project aims also to strengthen International cooperation, exchange of knowledge, experiences and learnings and the setting up of quality workshops meeting the learning needs of the target youth learners.

A good facilitator can make a difference in the approach to a youth group and through this TC we want to give the facilitators of our partner organizations a space to reflect on their role and competencies and provide them with the necessary tools and methods for their professional development. The role of the facilitator is basically connected with learning, communication, intercultural issues, feedback, and workshop design skills: in these areas, he/she must be competent and aware. In our opinion, a good facilitator should be first of all aware of their own learning styles and recognize these in their learning process.

The global aim of “Facilitate!” is investigating the role of facilitators and the complexity of facing and approaching the different styles for different learners, through a path of self awareness of the participants on their own learning styles. The central part of the TC will be directed to empower fundamental skills for a facilitator (positive communication and feedback, intercultural communication, problem solving and creativity, conflict management, how to create a good learning environment, design a workshop programme and in performing it). After the TC, once back home, participants will implement a workshop with their youth (learners) on a chosen topic (participants can count on 2 months of mentoring by the trainers).


The activities we are going to propose will be based on the non-formal education approach, such as: team building games, simulation games, experiential activities, good practices sharing, visits, reflection groups, intercultural evenings and creative workshops.


PARTNERS: Check-IN (Portugal), Agrado (Italy), YouthFully Yours (Greece), PLANBE (Cyprus), UDRUGA ALFA ALBONA (Croatia).


The total number of participants is 24, 3-4 participants per country. Target group are participants interestet in youth work, non formal methods and facilitation.

Application form

All participants need to register on the Facilitate! form until 12. March 2024. (Extended Deadline for participants with German residence)


We are housed in the Spreeinsel meeting center. This is also where most of our training will take place. It is located on a peninsula in the middle of the River Spree, surrounded by nature. The vibrant districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg can be reached by bus in ten minutes. The city can also be explored from there.


The activities in The Training Course will be organized mainly indoors – in the activities room of the accommodation. But there will also be trips to the city and free time.


We reimburse travel cost up to the following amount: Germnany 23 Euro, Portugal 360 Euro, Greece 275 Euro, Cyprus 360 Euro, Croatia 275 Euro (320 if you travel “green” by bus or train), Italy 275 (320 if you travel “green” by bus or train).

There is no participation fee for this project. This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Erasmus + (Youth). Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the German National Agency. NOTE: Each participant needs to take care of travel insurance.

Our Venue

Contact Person:

Tobias kunow (Project Coordinator)
Phone: +49 170 4121411