CfP: Youth in a Changing Europe Seminar in Berlin

Citizens of Europe e.V. in cooperation with the NGO’s Centre of United Action (Ukraine), Associazione Work in Progress (Italy), and Association of Supporting Social Cultural Economic Development ASCED (Turkey), cordially invite you to take part in the Seminar ‘Youth in a Changing Europe’, which will take place in Berlin from August 3 until August 9, 2015.

Defining “Youth in a Changing Europe”

Due to the previous years of economic and social instability as well as recent political unrests in Europe, where the prospects and aspirations of youth have changed, our seminar ‘Youth in a changing Europe’ provides the opportunity for young people to discuss their participation in democratic life in Europe. Our motivation for creating this seminar was born from the urge to meet the youth whose voices are the future of European countries. Next to democracy and participation, diversity is an important focus in our project. Often, ‘young people’ are regarded as one, homogeneous group. We highlight the diversity of youth as well as different dimensions of protest, concerning e.g. sexuality, ethnicity and gender.

International seminar with focus on active participation

During the 6-day seminar 30 young people are invited to discuss the issues, backgrounds and concerns of youth protests in Europe. The participants will work in three groups, focusing on topics within democracy, diversity and media. They will further discuss the results of their group work with experts from non-governmental organisations, media and politics. Finally, the participants will come together with decision-makers and create common aims for the future and potential policy actions.

The issues and questions we want to raise are:

  • Democracy: What makes young people today in Europe engage in social, cultural & political activism? What can these actions tell us about young citizens’ participation? Can these actions be considered a ‘distilled’ form of active participation of youth and engagement in democratic life or rather a phenomenon of the margins? What are the effects for the exercise of active citizenship?
  • Diversity: How is young people’s activism intertwined with ideas about social equality, gender, sexuality and ethnicity – dimensions that structure our understanding of inequality?
  • Media: How are these forms of activism presented in (new) media, such as social media platforms?

Whom would we like to meet on the seminar in Berlin?

Everyone willing to actively engage in workshops and debates are welcome to join this seminar. We want to bring together people from all over Europe – regardless social, cultural or professional background. All opinions are valuable and will be considered. What does the seminar offer? The seminar will follow a three-phased schedule (opening discussions, workshops and group work on each themes, and a closing public event). All participants will be encouraged to contribute with their own knowledge and experience. What will you gain by joining in the seminar? A chance to know fellow young Europeans with different backgrounds and ideas; a venue for networking and exchange of opinions among people by non-formal education.

What are the conditions for participating?

  • Residence in Ukraine, Italy, Turkey or Germany
  • Willingness to actively contribute to the workshops and discussions
  • Ability to carry out discussions and to write in English
  • The age limit is 18 to 30 years old


Find more information about how to apply, application deadline, travel grants and contact details in the attached files.

We look forward to your application!

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