ECI Campaign succeeded!

 Since 2006, Citizens of Europe has been supporting the campaign for a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). Together with other organisations, we prepared information material, provided a website in English and in German language and promoted the initiative, especially during the German EU presidency in 2007.After long negotiations, first in the framework of the formulation of a European Constitution, then of the Lisbon treaty and finally about the concrete implementation, this new and unique instrument of transnational democracy has become reality. We want to thank all our partners and supporters and congratulate especially the campaign manager Carsten Berg for this great success! A recent press release sums up the achievements but also the shortcomings of the now implemented European Citizens Initiative. 

The Green European Foundation now has published “The European Citizens Initiative Handbook”. The publication is currently only available in English, but German, French and Spanish versions will be soon ready. You can download the English version or order any version from directly at the GEF. Please mention which language version you would like to receive.