FreaksCon 2019

Three days of interactive theater, forums and discussions, all centered around the idea of Europe. How do we work together to create the ideal Europe? What is the idea of Europe? We invited pro-European artists to share works related to their take on Europe in a convention in Tübingen, Germany. The performances and barcamp were a lot of fun and lent themselves to intense discussion.

Through interactive theater pieces, we discussed culture, ideas, the rise of far right leaders and Brexit. We had artists from Germany, UK, Catalonia, France, Austria, Hungary and others, once again showing the valuable multiculturalism Europe has to offer.

If you want to know more, listen to the interview with Martin Boross, the artistic director of STEREO AKT, and Ilja Mirsky, one of the production assistants of this performance (in German):

Thank you to all the European freaks who came out!

Impressions from FreaksCon 2019

Photo Credit: Ken Werner Photography