From the Periphery

Art Interventions Programme Director Noa Treister was happy to meet many guests from Belgrade art scene and abroad for the vernissage to the exhibition From the Periphery in Galerija Doma omladine in Belgrade on 24 February 2009. The exhibition collects artworks produced during the two workshops run under the Art Interventions programme in July 2008 in Pozarevac and in Kucevo in August 2008.

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The vernissage was followed by a first Talk on Art moderated by the gallery curator Vladan Jeremic. Noa Treister presented the concept of the project to the public and described the difficult situation she faced when the local administration in both Pozarevac and Kucevo changed after elections. Nebojsa Milikic complimented on the structured approach of Art Interventions. He also underlined the outstanding importance of a first attempt to implement interdisciplinarity in practice, although this needs to be improved further in future projects.

After Ana Cugurovic, student anthropology researcher of Belgrade University had explained the field studies being carried out around both South Serbian towns, Mark Brogan reflected on the role of the participating artists. He recommended a more sensitive approach towards the treatment and representation of the difficult living conditions of certain local groups, for example Roma refugees from Kosova. Gert Röhrborn described why the concept of migration as a two-way road between host and home communities can be a useful contribution to a European public sphere open to everyone, as Citizens of Europe strives to create it. He expressed his determination to spread future Art Interventions projects throughout Europe. The exhibition is on display until 8 March 2009. The second Talk on Art will focus on the “Sex in Transition” project on 3 March, from 7 pm. For more information visit the Art Interventions website.