OpenFora 2009: Challenges Cycle

Contemporary Challenges to Europe

By promoting debates on important political and social topics that affect the life of citizens all over Europe we try to promote respect and endorsement of Europe’s values and identity itself. By contributing their specific knowledge and personal perspectives into the debate they are both asked to lobby for support of their positions as well as forced to reflect on them on the basis of the intercultural experience made during the OpenForum. Citizens of Europe actively supports future projects and cooperation that emerge among participants.

In OpenFora Europe’s values, achievements and future challenges are at the centre of our attention. Among others our topics include the form and use of a European community of values (Prague), critical views on integration (Paris) and the reality of living European (Cascais). See our 2008/09 agenda “Contemporary Challenges to Europe”.

OF 5 – Values in Europe – Ideals and Realities
19-21 September 2008 in Prague (Czech Republic)
in cooperation with and hosted by European Values.

OF 6 – Quarreling over Europe: How to achieve meaningful results
12-14 December 2008 in Paris (France)
in cooperation with and hosted by Maison de l’Europe.

OF 7 – Mobilising Europe: Could democracy help?
12-15 Februar 2009 in Brussels (Belgium)

OF 8 – Daily Europeans – avant-garde or dreamers?
12-14 March 2009 in Cascais (Portugal)
in cooperation with and hosted by Rota Jovem.

OF 9 – The Western Balkans – Europe’s (un-)wanted challenge?
8-10 May 2009 in Budapest (Hungary)
in cooperation with and hosted by Hungarian Europe Society.

Evaluation meeting
29-31 May 2009 in Berlin-Kaulsdorf (Germany)

Find out about the concept of our second OpenFora cycle (5-9).

Read the documentation brochure of our second OpenFora cycle (5-9).

This project is supported by the European Union under the ‘Europe for Citizens’ Programme.