HWSOP Documentation

The project took place in five cities: Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vilnius and Weimar. There was a group of core participants who attend all five events. This was organised in order to keep an element of continuity across the events and to ensure that there were effective points of com- parison throughout the project. Furthermore, the partner organisations arranged the presence of local participants from each host country.

Final Conference in Weimar

Through this process the project created a heterogeneous group of people from different ages, countries and backgrounds to provide a diverse background for the projects’s intensive discussions. As a result of this turbulence, we experienced four different but very interesting events. Alt-hough tension was high and debates were heated, one could also sense how a slow understanding of the differences was growing.

Having understood the different concepts and perceptions, views expressed by others became more logical and respected. The project challenged everybody involved. It forced us to question convictions and to explain what we had thought to be clear. 

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