It’s the activities, stupid!

On October 23 and 24, active members of Citizens of Europe and guests met for this autumn’s ‘Citizens Weekend’ in Berlin. The meeting started with a public pre-screening of films to be presented during the ‘MyEurope film festival’ all over Europe in the end of November. After we had decided during the Autumn Citizens’ Weekend 2008 to increase its administrative capacities as the backbone for activities, we now needed to define the further path of development and the next steps to be taken.

The meeting discussed a plan suggested by the board, which was adjusted to the ideas and suggestions of the people present and finally agreed upon. The main aim is to develop more slim and efficient structures within the organisation and to make Citizens of Europe more attractive and open to people interested in joining and contributing. During the meeting, Tobias Kunow was elected as the new treasurer of Citizens of Europe, after Lena Hvozdzeva had resigned for personal reasons. In addition, Alexandra Ivanova was elected as a new board member. The next network meeting will take place on 9-11 March 2010.