Living in Europe

Based on contributions sent in from all over Europe, our Jury composed this year’s programme “Living in Europe” to be screened at various locations all over Europe.

“Living in Europe” tells a story about a meeting through time and cultures, about bringing together characters, traditions, expectation, about authenticity and particularities.

One Random Day in Istanbul | 6 min. | Turkey | by Nurbanu Asena
The colourful story of a taxi driver dealing with the random and restless events of a city.

Each Day and Tomorrow | 13 min. | France | by Fabrice Main
One day in the life of a homeless man in Paris from dawn to dusk.

Weirdo | 5 min. | France | by Audrey Najar
A man was born with deer antlers on his head. One day someone changes his life.

The Bus | 14 min. | Turkey | by Olgu Baran Kubilay
A disabled guy in a public bus. Is his sitting neighbour a suicide bomber?

Memories Don´t Forget | 20 min. | Finland | by Marleena Lehtimaa
A documentary about the Sami relationship to nature and the life long struggle of thinking for oneself.

The Barbican | 21 min. | Poland | by Bartlomiej Zmuda
After a long period of work in Germany, the journey back home of a young man will bring unexpected incidents.

Corrida | 7 min. | Latvia | by Janis Cimermanis
The bull begins to win over the bullfighter and the rescue team is called to help.

A methaphor of the European Union? I Am a Girl | 15 min. | Netherlands | by Susan Koenen
A teenager girl who is mistakenly caught in the body of a boy. How can she get a boyfriend?