Politics and policies: Short film program for My Europe 2012

Based on contributions sent in from all over Europe, our Jury composed this year’s programme “Politics and Policies” to be screened at various locations all over Europe.

Politics and Policies makes a statement about borders, conflicts and diplomacy, decisions and consequences, confrontations and compromises.

Christiano´ s Shirt | 17 min. | Belgium | by Vincent Bruno
Two children dream of buying the same shirt as their idol. But their parent do not help them because of the crisis.

The Last Bus | 15 min. | Slovakia | by Ivana Laucikova and Martin Snopek

The animals of the forest flee to safety. When hunters stop the bus, the passengers reveal their natures.

Cry Alliance of our Hatred | 6 min. | Sweden | by Lasse Långström

A revolutionary power ballad with focus on the right-wing political alliance in Sweden.

Invisible | 15 min. | United Kingdom | by Harold Chapman

A street-sweeper traumatised by his past seeks to vanish in London. But he realises that he must become visible again.

Nazi Goreng | 7 min. | Germany | by Nathan Nill

A young neo-Nazi escapes from the police and ends up in an Asia strip club.

 Seven Years of Winter | 22 min. | Denmark | by Marcus Schwenzel

An orphaned boy is sent around Chernobyl to loot a deserted city. He repairs his wounded soul, while the radiation crumbles his body.

Two Men and a Table | 7 min. | Germany | by Ester Amrami

A strange encounter in Berlin during a furniture delivery with two men having close connections to Israel.

Early Rising France | 22 min. | France | by Hugo Chesnard

An illegal employee deported to Mali. But the airplane never took off because of the passengers´ protests.