‘Marias Kino’ is Germany’s Best Short Film Cinema

Copyright: SCALA Programmkino Lüneburg Geographically Bad Endorf in Bavaria is really rural. Regarding the quality of shortfilm engagement Bad Endorf is Germany´s cultural centre. Marias Kino, a small cinema located there, was awarded as best German Shortfilm Cinema. As My Europe is one branch of Marias Kino´s short film programme and as Marias Kino Programme Responsible Tobias Kunow is also the project manager of My Europe, this is also a big compliment for Citizens of Europe. The photo shows Marias Kino officials Florian Lampersberger (right) and Tobias Kunow (left) during the award ceremony with the German federal minister of state for culture and media Bernd Neumann. (Read more about the award on the website of the German Federal Government – in German language).