My Europe 2007 Winners

My Europe 2007 – Citizens of Europe congratulates the winners !

On October 6th 2007 the My Europe short film festival started with a screening at Café Siraly in Budapest. Later, the previously selected films were exhibited in 20 different European countries. On Saturday, the 26th of January, Tobias Kunow, Project Manager for MyEurope, announced the two winners of the Audience Awar during the OpenForum I Berlin.

Runar Runarsson won the Audience Award of the programme “Living in Europe ” with his film Síðasti bærinn í dalnum (The Last Farm).

Marc Brummund won the Audience Award of the programme “European Politics and Policies” with his film Land Gewinnen (Gaining Ground).

A special laudatory mention received 16 years old Bulgarian Veselin Cholakov. Although his film „Follow Me“ could not be included into official programme, he shows for his age remarkable an promising skills in editing an camera work.

After a selection of the best films was screened (which included the winners), Tobias Kunow interviewed Marc Brummund, who said he was really happy to receive this Audience Award because it is a prize determined by people from 20 different European countries and not by so-called specialists. He also added that he is currently working on a longer version of this film with the working title “Andre”