Punch Project – Final meeting in Dabrowa

From the 4th to the 7th of October in the Municipality of Dabrowa, Poland was held the final event of the PUNCH Project. This project is a network of 16 partners with the aim to give disadvantaged young citizens and underrepresented groups the opportunity to intervene in the debate of the Future of Europe and the EU policies about the valorization of the cultural heritage. Thanks to the exchange of Good Practises this was possible, and the focus was to implement in local activities projects concerning participation in the EU decision making.The events of this project, 6 in total, with a total of 450 direct participants, were held in UNESCO sites, European Capitals of culture, physical historical buildings renovated and re-used for social inclusion of disadvantaged youth. 4 of the meetings were held online because of Covid. 

This is the project website where you can find more information regarding it. 

17 Organizations are involved in the project: 4 association of municipalities, 5 municipalities, 7 Civil Society Organisation.

In the agenda of the meeting a relevant space was given to analyse the impact of the project and to present the collected ideas from youth in the local activities. A warm welcome was given by Mr. Marcin Barczykowsky, Major of Dabrowa and Mr. Evangelista Leuzzi, Project Coordinator. There was then the opportunity to visit the cultural heritage site Biskupin, archaeological site and life-sized model of a late Bronze Age fortified settlement. After that, thanks to the ride of an historical Narrow-gauge railway train, there was the presentation of the cultural region of Paluki and the visit of Znin.