Serbian style and development

Clothes and garments, besides their practical function, can be considered as a strong visible expression of cultural heritage and at the same time they anticipate contemporary fashion trends. Whether their production represents also an opportunity to create a sustainable economic activity in poverty-sricken areas, such as the one in the Eastern Serbian village of Debeli Lug, you achieve a twofold success. As a result of an innovative grassroots project, on Thurday 29th of April will be held the first exhibition of the new cooperative LUG in Sava Center (opening time 9:00-14:00). 

LUG is the result of a participatory project carried by the Municipality of Majdanpek, in Homolje Mountains, and supported by the IPA CBC program Serbia-Rumania, in which a group af 15 women living in this agricultural area were trained in weaving, knitting, cutting and sewing. Their ability to combine contemporary creative design and traditional craft has an important social aspect, creating from one hand workplaces and on the other developing initiative and managerial capacities. Morover the workshop addresses also other target groups within the community. Through design competitions for elementary and high schools pupils in the surroundings of Majdanpek, children create everyday clothes and accessories inspired by traditional garments afterwards sold as part of LUG´s collection. For further information take a look at the OpenForum Budapest brochure and contact Noa Treister