The European art for freedom goes on its first tour

One single exhibition, ”The Desire for Freedom”, and four different European cities. After leaving Berlin in February, the event will land in Milan, Tallin and Cracow. The project, managed by a large network at a European level (museums, galleries, lenders, researchs, etc.) and by the European Union, is devoted to art in Europe since 1945. It examines the ways in which artists have dealt with the beliefs in universal human rights and democracy.

The organizers of the exhibition in Berlin expressed: ”It is a first attempt to look at art since 1945 in a pan-European context without the usual ideological limits which the Cold War initiated”. In this sense, the exhibition asks in which extend the ideological boundaries erected after the second World War are outdated nowadays.
It overcomes geographical separations, as well as chronological and personal boundaries. The only requirement to be displayed is to address the theme of freedom. Indeed, the exhibition seeks to identify common roots among the people.

The first crossing point for ”The Desire for Freedom” was Berlin (German Historical Museum ) and this month the Palazzo Reale in Milan is about to open the doors for the exhibition. The journey will continue from June in Tallin (Kumu Art museum) and will end up in January 2014 at the Contemporary Art Museum in Cracow.

In Berlin on display were photographs, drawings, installations and videos by 113 artists including Niki de Saint Phalle, Hamilton Finlay, Gerhard Richter, Fernand Leger or Mario Merz. They came from 28 countries such as Portugal, Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Turkey Greece or United Kingdom.
The visitors of Milan and Taillin will enjoy a similar exhibition as the one in Berlin, even if still they will find some differences.

As Irnee Weidmann, spokesperson from the Council of Europe, explained: ”Every new venue has to be rethought, since the owners have to approve whether they want to show their work. But most of the loans will be presented in the participating cities. Except in Cracow, where it will be mainly about videos”.

Keep in mind this unique exhibition in Europe, which will be running until the begining of next year!

Here next dates for the venue ”The Desire for Freedom”:

– Milan (Palazzo Reale): 15 March – 2 June 2013
– Tallinn (Kumu Art museum): 28 June – 29 September 2013
– Cracow (Contemporary Art Museum): 18 October 2013 – 26 January 2014