The precariat, the new dangerous class: ‘Modernism v.s Conservatism’ series continues

Citizens warmly invites you to join us for a video and discussion evening on Wednesday 2nd April, when we will continue the “Modernism vs. Conservatism” theme. At our previous events, we discussed the early 20th century political and artistic movements and at our last event we discussed contemporary feminism by taking Pussy Riot as an example.

This evening we are looking deeper into a newly-identified social phenomenon: ‘the precariat’. The British economist Guy Standing has defined the precariat as an emerging social class, which includes both young people working or doing internships which provide no security or predictability and immigrant workers exploited in a globalised market. In order to improve the situation, Standing is arguing for basic income as a solution. The precariat is especially relevant to an analysis of today’s situation in Berlin, where this condition is a reality for many people. We will watch a lecture online where Standing is explaining the concept and why he also consider it as a dangerous class.

It is also a great opportunity to find out more about our organisation and the work we are doing: we will provide information on how to become a member and the projects we are developing.