Wir für uns in Europa: ‘Nothing falls from the sky!’

Inclusion instead of integration or European citizenship are the main themes towards which 14 youngsters coming from Germany and Bulgaria decided to engage. “Wir für uns in Europa” (We for us in Europe) is a transnational initiative founded by an informal group of people aged 17-30, both disadvantaged and non. And Citizens of Europe is among its partners. Developing and presenting innovative ideas concerning inclusion and participation within civil societies, they want also to understand on a concrete basis what European identity stands for. From May to December 2010 they have the opportunity to use different methods of interaction: from a proper on-line platform to a meeting in Münster. While discussing these complex issues, participants experience in practice possibilities for (local) social engagement and broaden their knowledge. Through documentaries as well as photo exhibitions, they exchange comments, share experiences, provide mutual consulting and at the same time they present new project ideas. 

The project is promoted by the European Union and the Youth in Action program but its content does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union or of the National Agency. Therefore they are not responsible for the project itself. 

“Nichts fällt vom Himmel! Wir brauchen engagierte Menschen, die helfen, dass Jugendliche Visionen entwickeln, die sie in ihrer Heimat realisieren. Die Verantwortung für unsere Gesellschaft tragen wir alle!” (Nothing falls down from the sky! We need engaged people ready to help in developing young visions to be realised in their home countries. We are all responsible for our community!)