Yin with Yang

From Lora & Fra – EVS Volunteers 

Prouvènço! Beach over crowded on summer, yachts, cruise boat & tourist bus is the price to pay to live in this wonderful region! I am from Cannes & I am missing my place sometimes. But with an evs project, David Bowie & a backpaper´s mind, it was natural to take the road again to Berlin- Lora 

Berlin The first impression I had of Berlin once arrived in Alexander Platz, was of a welcoming and alive city. I never felt like a tourist or as foreign, especially at the beginning of my „adventure“. But when I experienced other seasons apart from summer, read about its history and visited places where less than 20 years ago there was nothing and when I learned small tips to improve my photographic skills…here that I discovered new colours, faces and sides of the city. Berlin is a place for culture, art, parties, tolerance and affordable life…but sometimes is also hard, melancholic and dark. I see it as a transition and transitory place, where changes happen day by day…slowly but radically, as a car’s shadow on the Oberbaumbrücke- Fra

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