Youth Democracy Festival 2019

Maybe you are interested in creating your own youth democracy festival? Maybe you are working with young people’s participation and engagement in democracy and civic citizenship? Maybe you are dedicated to ensuring young people’s right to influence their own society and future? Maybe you are all of them? Either way, participating in our conference is the perfect opportunity!

The Youth Democracy Festival is a two day event held in Valbyparken, Copenhagen, from the 5th to the 6th September 2019. 30.000 young people will experience democracy as something much more than just knowing when and what to vote. The young participants, aged from 15 to 25, will engage in a wide range of different activities held by the 100 different organizations representing relevant stakeholders in society- NGOs, political, educational and cultural institutions, etc.

During this year’s festival, we are hosting an international conference taking place Friday the 6th of September to present our festival concept and the fruits of an international cooperation between Germany, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark – hopefully leading to more youth democracy festivals across the globe!

At the conference, you will gain an understanding of what a youth democracy festival can be and become inspired to establish your own YDF by experiencing it first-hand, receive the report containing the results of our international cooperation and meet people from all over the world who are dedicated to – engaging young people in – democracy. 

If you want to experience a Youth Democracy Festival first-hand, while meeting others who are involved in the same field of interest, sign up for our conference now, as spaces are limited!

You can access the sign up form on

We hope to see you at the Youth Democracy Festival 2019!