Short-term EVS vacancy in Sardinia. Call for applications- Only for residents in Germany

We are looking for 3 EVS volunteers who are officialy residing in Germany and would like to go to a beautiful area of Belvì (Sardinia, Italy) for a period of one month in October 1 till 30th 2016.

The project EYA consists in gathering in the town of Belvì 12 volunteers coming from 4 different countries. Volunteers will be living in the Sardinian town for 1 month helping the municipality and local association in the organization of the event “Autunno in Barbagia-Giochi e sapori in Barbagia” (Autumn in Barbagia-traditional games and flavours in Barbagia). The initiative is aimed to enhance the eno-gastronomic, cultural and natural resources of the inland area of Sardinia.

Tasks assigned to volunteers in this event will be:

– assistance in the preparation of the exhibition areas;
– assistance in the preparation, coordination and execution of the traditional games of
Europe (Volunteers, before departure, will be asked to make a research about their
Country’s traditional games. They will also be asked to bring traditional dress)
– assisting with exhibition and performances;
-support in the assembly of promotional material;
-assistance in the coordination of painting contest “Bellevie”;
-assistance in communication;
-support in the dissemination of results;
-assistance at the information office;
-assistance in the implementation and management of eno–gastronomic paths
(organization of a demonstration of national traditional meals).

We are looking for EVS-volunteers who:

-must be motivated, enthusiastic, sensitive, curious and loving nature, tranquillity, genuineness and authenticity of places;
– must be prepared for interpersonal relationships and has capacity to adapt to new
situations and aptitude for team works;
-language skills (basic knowledge of Italian and English is not necessary, but it
is an asset).

The EVS-programme provides you with:

all the costs are covered including insurance, travel costs and accomodation. EVS volunteer will receive a small allowance 300 euros for food and pocket money.

Deadline for applicants is  the 31th August 2016. Send your CV and motivation-letter to:

Please email if you have any questions!

Citizens of Europe team