The European Wednesday

“European Wednesday” is an interactive online format of the NGO Citizens of Europe: Europeans from all over the continent discuss topics of common concern.

“European Wednesday” is a project designed by NGO Citizens of Europe to incourage and foster Europeans citizens to discuss about different topics, political issues, democratic values and so on with some experts (journalists, politicians etc…)

If you want to collaborate to this project you can fill out this form and send us some suggestions about the topics you would like to deal with: the general idea of the “European Wednesday” is to involve actively the partecipants, so any kind of feedback will be appreciated.

Here you can find the past meetings of “The European Wednesday” by Citizens of Europe:

European Wednesday: Poland 15. February 2022

European Wednesday: Germany 10. December 2021

European Wednesday: United Kingdom 31. August 2021

European Wednesday: Belarus 9. July 2021

Stay tuned!